Effects of Upper Musculoskeletal Disorder from School Bag Usage among Primary School Grade 4-6 Students for a School in Bangkok Metropolis


  • Polyong C. P, Sarapimpha N, Deekla C, Phukkarawek S, Thepthong B, Poldongnok P


Upper musculoskeletal disorder, School bag, Primary school


The student who carries bag beyond the proportion of Standard Body Weight (BW) has been one of the main causes of UpperMusculoskeletal Disorder (UMSDs), possibly affecting deformation of bone or chronic back pain symptom. The objective of this descriptive study is to compare between weight of bag and standard proportion body weight value at 10 and 15% BWand relationship among %BW, bag carrying duration and occurrence of UMSDs. The samples are 145 primary school grade 4-6 students applying statistics of Independent t-test, Chi-square testand Odds ratio.The result showthat body weight of the students averaged was 38.6±10.3 kilogram. They carried average weight of bag for 4.15±1.7 kilogram. The students had pain at both sides of shoulder, upper back and neck for 85.1 62.8 and 59.5%, respectively. Female students and Primary School Grade 4 carried bags with weight beyond standard criteria at 10 % BWat statistical significance (p<0.05). The finding from the relationship testing indicated that bag carrying duration > 20 minutes exposed to risk of shoulder pain symptom more than the person who carried bag < 10 minutes for 14.5 times (95%CI = 1.77-119.3). Discussion and conclusion;Students carried bags with weight beyond standard and duration had shoulder pain. According to suggestion, the school should provide someeducationlockers. The student should reduce carrying duration of bag such as placement of bag on the floor while standing for waiting or during break hour, the bag should not be carried.


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