The PREBRA Exercise Model for Reducing Factors Causing Dementia among Aging Females in Thailand


  • Kraitap P, Rudtanasudjatum K, Tadkatuk A, Khaokhiew T


Exercise, Dementia, Risk factors of dementia


Dementia is important health problem in females in Thailand. This quasi-experimental research study aimed to determine whether exercised model called ‘PREBRA’ can reduce risk factors for dementia among aging females. The researchers created this model integrating the promotion of positive thinking, exposure to pleasant sound, engagement in physical activity and improved personal relationships. Participants in the experiment included 60 aging females aged between 60-69 years who were divided into two groups: first group of 30 were assigned to the experimental group who were exposed to the model and the second group were 30 females a control group. The experimental group participated in these activities 5 days a week for 12 weeks. The results of the study showed that the experimental group had significantly lower systolic blood pressure and decreased triglycerides, depression scores compared to the control group. High-density lipoprotein cholesteroland brain health measured as the ratio between alpha/beta in experimental group were significantly higher than the control group(p < 0.05). The experimental group had assessed their own physical well-being and stated that exercise program improved their fitness levels. Therefore, the PREBRA exercise model has been shown to positively impact on several risk factors for dementia. Relevant government agencies may use these findings to enhance holistic health promotion for the aging population in Thailand.


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