Quality of Life of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in Sop-Prap Hospital, Lampang Province


  • Chunhakankit S


Quality of life, Patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 2, Sop-Prap Hospital


A Cross–Sectional Descriptive Study aimed to study quality of life and factors related to quality of life in patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 (DM) treated in Sop-Prap Hospital, Lampang Province. Data were collected from 300 people with DM, by the accidental sampling method from the list of patients with DM who visited at NCD’s clinic, Sop-Prap Hospital in January, 2017. Data were collected by interview of personal characteristics, demographic factors, social - economic factors, health factors and the quality of life, WHOQOL-BREF-THAI. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Chi-square test. The results showed that overall quality of life was at a moderate level, 95.0%. When considering quality of life, all four elements, the physical, psychological, social and environmental aspects was at a moderate level of 93.7%, 97.0%, 89.3% and 95.0%, respectively. The factor associated with quality of life was social and economic factor as family characteristics (p–value <0.05). Therefore, clinical and community services should encourage families to participate in activities that will improve their quality of life.


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