The Completeness of CT Scan Request forms in the Emergency Period of Rajavithi Hospital


  • Chitwiset S


Request form, Completion, Computerized tomography request form, Emergency


Objective: Radiologic request forms are the essential tools for the communication between clinicians and radiological departments that require the essential data, including the patient’s biodata,clinical information, the requisite investigation and the physician’s information. The aim of this study is to audit the adequacy of completion of CT scan request forms received at the CT unit in the emergency period of Rajavithi hospital. Methods: The retrospectively descriptive study was performed to measure the completeness of the request for CT studies in the emergency period between September 2016 and December 2016. Results: A total of 1000 CT request forms were analysed. These were used in sticker 100% that contained biodata, filled data of name, age, sex 100%. The clinical information, provisional diagnosis and examination part were filled 99.7%, 95.2% and 99.7% respectively. The last menstruation period was filled only 18.86%. The filling rate of referring clinician’s name, consultation in charge and clinician phone’s number were filled 93.7%, 51.3% and 31.4% respectively. Conclusion: The study revealed inadequate filled radiological request form. Further solving of the problem is recommended.>


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