The Factors Influencing on the Organization’s Retention of Registered Nurses in Prasat Neurological Institute under the Affiliation of the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health


  • Thanpimol Kensakoo, MSc.
  • Tuanjai Sinumpaisit, MEd.
  • Werayuth Srithumsuk, Ph.D.


Job satisfaction, Organization culture, Organizational commitment, Organization’s retention, Registered nurse


Background : Recently, Thailand encounter with nursing shortage including Prasat neurological institute. Therefore, study the factors influence registered nurses’ retention is important of the organization for policy recommendation in person retention in the organization which will affects to a quality of service and personnel’s quality of life.

Objective : This research was to study the factors related to the organization’s retention of registered nurses in Prasat neurological institute under the affiliation of the department of medical services, ministry of public health.

Method : The participants were 162 registered nurses with more than one year of experience in clinical services. The research instrument consisted of questionnaires on job satisfaction, organization culture, organizational commitment, and organization’s retention. The research data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean value, standard deviation, and the correlation between variables using Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and multiple regression analysis.

Result : The results of this research showed that a job satisfaction, organization culture, organizational commitment had a positive correlation with the organization’s retention with statistical significance (r = 637, p <.01; r = .416, p <.01; and r = .730, p <.01, respectively).

Conclusion : From the research results, the Prasat neurological institute must pay attention to job satisfaction, organization culture, and organizational commitment to increase organization’s retention rate of registered nurses, which can resolve the registered nurses’ shortage in the future.


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