The Effects of Using MU Sucker with Traumatic and Caregiver’s Satisfaction in Young Child Patients


  • Amornpun Singhapol, M.N.S. สถาบันสุขภาพเด็กแห่งชาติมหาราชินี


Using MU sucker, Suction, Trauma, Satisfactions, Young children


Background : Respiratory tract infection is the major cause of sticky nasal secretion. Children under the age of 15 months with an ineffective cough are unable to remove their own secretions. Nasopharyngeal and oral suctioning is extremely necessary. However, this activity causes bleeding which can provoke anxiety in parents.

Objectives : to compare trauma from bleeding during suction in young child patients and caregiver’s satisfaction. Between the group of using standard suction tube and MU sucker.

Methods : This was a pilot study. Sample group was young child aged 1-15 months were diagnosed with pneumonia or acute bronchiolitis and requires sputum suctioning. Sixty two cases were divided into 2 groups: the control group used the standard suction tube. The MU sucker trial group used a paired study method, according to the age of the patient. The data analysis was consisting of frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. Mann-Whitney U Test was used to compare the trauma differences between the experimental group and the control group. The independent samples t-test was used to measure satisfaction. Pearson Product Moment Coefficient was used to analyze treatment associated factors.

Results : Trauma in the experimental group was lower than the control (p = 0.91). The caregiver’s satisfaction was not different (p=0.282), but caregiver in the experimental group felt that their child decreased fighting (p = 0.014). Cost of MU sucker suctioning was lower than standard.

Conclusion : Suctioning in the nose and mouth for young children can use MU sucker suctioning because the efficacy was not different. Complications of suctioning depends on the skill of the nurses.


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