Management of Ectopic Eruption of Maxillary First Molar: a Case Report


  • Sirisan Jariyapongpaiboon, DDS.
  • Khandakar Nuruzzaman, DDS.


Tooth eruption, Ectopic eruption, first permanent molar, Halterman appliance


Tooth eruption is a complex phenomenon influenced by many genetic and environmental factors which act simultaneously to achieve normal eruption. Ectopic eruption refers to abnormal eruptive position of tooth. If left untreated it leads to different unusual outcomes like locked permanent tooth, loss of space and malocclusion. The aim of correction of ectopic erupted tooth is bring it back to the functional position as well as establishment of occlusion. Early detection and corrections result in better outcome situations. There are several corrective methods of ectopic eruption depends on severity of the condition. This case reports demonstrated correction of unilateral ectopic erupted first permanent molar with Halterman appliance with transpalatal arch followed by occlusal establishment and preventive therapy.


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