Pediatric submandibular space infection from non-odontogenic cause


  • Duangporn Thammasarnsophon, M.D. Department of Otolaryngology. Sirindhorn Hospital


Submandibular space infection, Submandibular gland abscess, non-odontogenic infections, incision and drainage


Submandibular space infection is a serious infection that can occur as a result of odontogenic or nonodontogenic infections. The infection should be treated promptly, as it can spread rapidly, resulting in airway obstruction. The author reported an eight-month-old boy without any systemic diseases presenting with a swelling of the lower right facial region for three days that rapidly grew in size for one day despite intravenous antibiotic administration ,suspected source from submandibular gland abscess. Intravenous fluids, more proper empirical antibiotics, and analgesics were administered to the patient. The incision and drainage were done extraorally under general anesthesia. The patient improved gradually and full recovery was within 10 days.


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