Vickers Microhardness Comparison of Zirconomer Improved, Giomer and Composite Resin


  • Natthira Leelanusorn, DDS. Institute of Dentistry, Department of Medical Services
  • Nongwipa Putthipat,DDS.,MSD Institute of Dentistry, Department of Medical Services


Zirconomer, Zirconomer improved, Glass Ionomer Cements, Surface hardness


Background: Zirconomer improved is new glass ionomer cement formulations, reinforced zirconia in glass ionomer cements to increase strength, durability and fluoride releasing. Nano zirconia is higher translucency for a closer match to natural tooth. It may be ideal for permanent posterior restoration in patients who concern aesthetic properties and high caries incidence.Objective: To evaluate and compare surface hardness of zirconomer improved with composite resin and giomer.Methods: In this study, 45 disc-shaped experimental specimens were made from three different tooth colored restoration. All specimens were loaded on their surfaces at 1 hour, 24 hours and 7 days. The obtained data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA method (p <0.05).Result: There was no statistically significant difference of surface hardness between composite resin and giomer over storage time. Surface hardness of zirconomer improved was increased with time and highest 76.82 kg/mm2 at 7 days. There was statistically difference of Vickers hardness of zirconomer improved over storage time. There was statistically difference of significant surface hardness among the materials studied over storage time.Conclusion: Zirconomer improved showed higher surface hardness than resin composite at 7 days. Zirconomer improved showed lowest surface hardness at 1 h and increased with time.


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