The Effect of Beverages in Thailand on Color Stability of Resin Composite


  • Prompong Rattanapokha, D.D.S. Institute of Dentistry, Department of Medical Services
  • Kornchanok Wayakanon, D.D.S. Faculty of Dentistry, Naresuan University
  • Sumana Posritong, D.D.S. Institute of Dentistry, Department of Medical Services


beverages, coffee, color change, resin composite, tea


Background: Discoloration of restorations is the common obstacle in dentistry. Some beverages may affect color stability of resin composites and diminish esthetics.Objective: To evaluate the effects of popular beverages in Thailand on color stability of resin composites.Method: Filtek-Z250, Filtek-Z350, and Filtek-Bulk fill were immersed in coffee, green tea, Thai tea, orange juice and cola for 28 days. The color of resib composite was observed according to CIE L*a*b* system using spectrophotometer. Then, color change (∆E) and whiteness index were calculated. Statistical analysis was performed with MANOVA with Post Hoc Tukey’s test (p < 0.05 and 95% confidence interval).Results: Resin composites in this study showed a statistically significant in color changes after 28 days of immersion in various beverages. Filtek-Bulk fill which immersed in coffee showed the highest color change, followed by Filtek- Z250 and Filtek-Z350 immersed in coffee, respectively. Coffee and Thai tea induced the highest color change of resin composite.  Beverages in this study except cola significantly decreased the whiteness index of resin composites.Conclusion: Type of resin composite and the drink affects the color change. The nanofilled composite resin exhibited the least color change, while coffee and Thai tea produced the highest color change.


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