The Dental Implant Placement and the Techniques of Alveolar Bone Augmentation: Case Reports


  • Chutima Wongsinudom , D.D.S Dental Public Health Group, Chonnabot hospital


sinus lift, lateral window approach, crestal approach, hydraulic pressure sinus lift


After extraction the natural teeth, the alveolar part of the jaw will be minimized its size due to loss of balance between compressive and tensile forces on it. The disuse atrophic alveolar bone cannot support the dental implant. It can be solved by bone augmentation surgery in many techniques. The upper molar regions usually augmented by lifting the floor of maxillary sinus with bone graft. This paper reports the case of severe atrophic ridge at the area of the tooth 16 with maxillary sinus floor pneumatization. It was augmented by surgical lift with lateral window approach technique and xenograft bone placement. The crestal approach for lifting the sinus floor has 2 methods (1) sinus floor lift with DASK kit (Dentium Advanced Sinus kit) and (2) hydraulic pressure sinus lift with CAS kit (OSSTEM).


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