The study of complication of thyroid surgery among patients at Sichon Hospital, Nakhon Si Thammarat


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complication, thyroid surgery


              The purpose of the study was aimed to explore thyroid complication as a result of thyroid surgery among patients receiving thyroid operation from October 1st 2014 to September 30th 2017. Data were analyzed and presented in frequency and percentage form. Using Fisher’s Exact test statistic for find out the influencing factors relating to complication of thyroid surgery.
              The result of the study found that there were 146 patients receiving thyroid surgery. Most were female (83.6%). Patients range 40 - 49 and 50-59 of age were likely to have an equal number as 40 cases respectively. Majority of patients were married about 86.3 percentages. Patients mostly were Buddhist around 94.5 percentages and were an agriculture approximately 48.6 percentages. Most patients around 71.9 percentages were not have an illness history. Mainly diagnosis of patients were thyroid nodule/thyroid goiter (86.3%) and mostly were receiving thyroid lobectomy/Hemi thyroidectomy as a type of surgery around 71.2 percentages. The length of time usually take around 1 – 1.30 hrs. (65.1%). Patients had blood loss less than 50 cc. and between 50 – 100 cc. around 60 (41.1%) and 61 (41.8%) cases respectively. Hospital range of stay for those patients about 4-5 days (48.6%).
              Regarding the complication of thyroid surgery, there were totally 11 cases, those complications reporting at Sichon Hospital often found hoarseness amount 6 cases, bleeding under the surgery wound around 3 cases. In addition, the data also reported just only 1 case facing with hypocalcaemia condition. For the complication of respiratory obstruction regarding bleeding under the wound, data was found just only 1 case as well. Moreover, data found the relationship between marital status and total blood loss were significant related to the incidence of complications after thyroid surgery at .05 level.
              From the study, it could be suggested that nurse should be aware and enthusiastic assessing for serious complications after thyroid surgery, particularly in some cases which spend the long time and lose a lot of blood during surgery. Subsequently, patients will be safe from any complication occurring from thyroid surgery.


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