Outcome of treatment Tibial Fracture by Minimally Invasive Playe Osteosynthesis (MIPO) in Krabi Hospital


  • อนุชา กาพย์เกิด Suratthani Hospital


minimal invasive, bone plate, ostesynthesis, fractures of tibia


              Although intramedullary nailing has standardized the management of Tibial Fracture,but Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis (MIPO) is an altemative treatment in patient who intramedullary nailing is contraindicated. This retrospective study objected to review the outcome of MIPO technique at Krabi Hospital in 20 patients during 1 January 2011-30 September 2014. All patient are aged during years (average 30 years) . Most common causes of fractures is from traffic accidents (85%) Time operation is average 23.25 min. The results of treatment were healed without complication (100%) The average time for full weight bearing was 10.5 weeks (range 8-12 weeks). The average time for stable three of four cortices bridging callus (complete healing) was14.5 weeks (range12-16 weeks). There was no plate failure,no wound healing complications or infections. MIPO is reproducible and effective for the treatment of Tibial fractures when intramedullary nailing is contraindicated


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