Characteristic of Deep Neck Infection in Phang Nga Hospital


  • Waralak Yangsakul โรงพยาบาลพังงา
  • Pitchanart Srimakarat


deep neck infection, complication


              Introduction: Deep neck infection is an infection in the potential spaces and fascial planes. The incidence of deep neck infection has decreased after introduction of antibiotics, but they still may be lethal especially when life-threatening complications occur.

              Objectives: To study characteristic of deep neck infection and analyze the factor associated with complicated deep neck infection.

              Method: This was a retrospective descriptive study in patient with deep neck infection. The researcher reviewed data from inpatient records during 2016-2019.

              Results: 109 patients were included; 57.8% were male. Average age was 42.9+20.1 years old. The most common medical condition was anemia (33.0%). The most common cause of infection was odontogenic infection (52.3%). The patient usually presented with swelling of face or neck (96.3%). The most common site of infection was submandibular space (33.0%). Common pathogen was alpha-hemolytic streptococcus (7.9%). Average length of hospital stay was 4.7+2.4 days. The 48 patients (44.0%) were effectively responded to intravenous antibiotics only. Surgical drainage and aspiration were performed in 27.5% and 41.3% of cases, respectively. The complications were upper airway obstruction (4.6%) and death (0.9%). Anemia (OR=17.20; p-value<0.05) and prolonged hospital stays (OR=30.12; p-value< 0.05) were significantly associated with complications.

              Conclusion: The most common cause of infection was odontogenic infection. Intravenous antibiotics and surgical drainage were still mainstay for treatment. Airway obstruction should be concerned in patient with deep neck infection.


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