Experience of Dislocated Hip Reduction by Emergency Physician at the Emergency Room, Nakhonpathom Hospital


  • Bodeepat Worathitianan Emergency physician


Hip dislocation, Reduction, Emergency physician, Emergency room


Introduction : Native hip dislocation is a true emergency condition due to avascular necrosis complication which is directly related with time to hip reduction. Therefore, hip reduction as fast as possible is very crucial. The procedure should be done within 6 hours after the injury. However, there was no data regarding dislocated hip reduction done by emergency physicians (EPs) in Thailand.

Objectives : To study the method and time result of dislocated hip reduction by EPs at emergency room, Nakhonpathom hospital.

Methods : Retrospective reviewed data from Injury Surveillance Windows; ISWIN data program and electronic medical record for studied the dislocated hip which reduced by EPs at the emergency room, Nakhonpathom hospital, Thailand from 2013 to 2020.

Results : Eighteen dislocated hip patients were treated by procedural sedation depended on patient conditions before hip reduction was done at the emergency room. Twelve (92,3%6) from 13 native hip dislocations was reduced successfully. Median treatment time from native hip injury to post reduction film was 174 minutes (83-260 minutes). The time was statically significant faster than the median treatment time which was 490 minutes (335-830 minutes) in the operating theater. Four (80%6) out of 5 prosthetic hip dislocations was successfully reduced. All patients had no complications from the treatment.

Conclusion : Dislocated hip reduction at the emergency room resulted in rapid treatment within 6 hours after the injury. An emergency physician reduced the dislocated hip by the Lefkowitz technique had an excellent success rate both native hip dislocations and prosthetic hip dislocations.


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