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Kanokrat Tuancha-em
Sukol Ariyasajsiskul


This research was the mix method of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The purpose was to study the potential of communities in the exercise with the participation of the community of Bueng Nam Rak Subdistrict, Pathum Thani. The samples were six community leaders, four exercise leaders and thirty-eight exercisers. Data collection was done using in - depth interviews with community leaders, exercise leaders, and questionnaires with exercisers the content validity (Index of Item Objective Congruence: IOC) was 0.94 that was verified the reliability by using triangulation method.

The research revealed that community potential in the field of overall community participation exercise was at a high level (gif.latex?\bar{x} = 4.05, S.D. = .91). When considering each aspect, it was found that community commitment and exercise activity aspect had higher score than others. Next, were community involvement and networking with outside agencies respectively. Networking with outside agencies was lower than other aspects because Bueng Nam Rak community, Pathum Thani was supported from two outside agencies. First, the budget from National Health Security office (NHSO), and secondly, knowledge of exercise from Thailand National Sports University Bangkok campus which were not sufficient to meet the needs of the community.


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Tuancha-em, K., & Ariyasajsiskul ศ. . (2022). THE CAPACITY OF COMMUNITY EXERCISING PARTICIPATION IN BUENG NAM RAK SUBDISTRICT, PATHUM THANI. Academic Journal of Thailand National Sports University, 14(2), 159–170. Retrieved from
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