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Pawares Phantayuth


This study investigated the factors affecting success of business professional Takraw management (iproactive governance policies, strategy leadership vision, sport sponsorship budgets, sport image, sportsman reputation, facility management, professional publicity).  According to the existing literature, management concept of 4Ms led to success of business professional Takraw management. Based on Contingency Theory it was related to what can be used as appropriate for the situation. The population and samples consisted of 208 executive committee from the Takraw Association of Thailand, team managers, sports coaches, athletes, experts in professional sports, marketing executives, sport business executives, executives from provincial and local administration organizations, and executives from Sports Authority of Thailand. Statistics used were tested by ordinary least squared regression. In addition, response biases were conducted by demographic comparison, factor loading was used for validity and Cronbach Alpha was employed for reliability. The results revealed that proactive governance policies, sport sponsorship budgets, sport image, sportsman reputation, facility management and professional publicity had a significant positive effect on success of business professional Takraw management.  On the other hand, strategy leadership vision did not have a significant positive effect on success of business professional Takraw management. The research findings indicated that executives should have business expertise and experience in order to make the vision and goal as the direction in setting management policy or practice and implementing plans for various areas of development to achieve the goal. In addition, strategies should be made to penetrate the Takraw sports fan on online media database.


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