The Study of Correlation Between Score of Radiology in Fourth Year and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Sixth Year Medical Students: Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital, Navamindradhiraj University

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Kanyarat Katanyoo
Phensri Sirikunakorn
Chiroj Soorapanth


Objective: To assess the correlation of scores of radiology in the fourth- year medical students and their own scores in Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in the sixth-year in radiology part.
Methods: Retrospective study in 77 sixth-year medical students in academic year 2013 who attended OSCE. Scores in part of radiographic interpretation were compared with their own scores when they were assessed during radiology rotation in the fourth year in 2011 academic year. Additionally, Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from the first to fifth year of each student was also considered for the correlations.
Results: Mean age of 77 sixth-year medical students who attended OSCE was 24.3+ 0.9 years. 49.4% were male. Mean CGPA from first to fifth year was 3.1 + 0.3. Compared to radiology scores in the fourth-year, radiology scores in OSCE in the sixth-year were higher in 41.6%, lower in 31.2% and similar results in 27.3%. The correlation coefficient (r) between score of radiology in the fourth-year and OSCE in the sixth-year was 0.22 (p=0.06). When CGPA was analyzed, the correlation with score of radiology and OSCE were 0.73 (p<0.001) and 0.41 (p<0.001), respectively.
Conclusion: There was not any correlation between scores of radiology in the fourth-year and OSCE in the sixth-year. CGPA has good association with scores of radiology, whereas radiology scores of OSCE in the sixth-year had poor association with CGPA.


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