Prosperity of celecoxib for pain relief after elective cesarean delivery, a double-blind randomized controlled trial

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Thunwipa Tuscharoenporn
Pahsuvudn Kongsin
Busaba Supawatttanabodee
Piyasak Vitayaburananont


Objective: To determine the effectiveness of 400-mg celecoxib after elective cesarean delivery.

Methods: In this randomized double blinded controlled trial, 110 full-term pregnant women aged between 20-40 years old who were scheduled for elective cesarean delivery between May 2018 and November 2018 were enrolled. A total of 110 participants were randomly assigned equally into 2 groups to receive celecoxib or placebo. All patients from both groups received meperidine under PCA after operation. Pain score was measured 3 times with 2 different states: 6, 12 and 24 hour at rest and upon movement.

Results: The overall pain score in each time point between PCA meperidine plus celecoxib and PCA meperidine plus placebo was significantly different (p-value = 0.004). The use of meperidine at 24 hours in the group of PCA meperidine plus celecoxib was not significantly different from the group of PCA meperidine plus placebo (p-value =0.058)

Conclusion: Celecoxib could relieve post-operative pain after cesarean delivery statistic significantly.

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Tuscharoenporn, T., Kongsin, P., Supawatttanabodee, B., & Vitayaburananont, P. (2020). Prosperity of celecoxib for pain relief after elective cesarean delivery, a double-blind randomized controlled trial. Vajira Medical Journal : Journal of Urban Medicine, 64(3), 165–172.
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