A Study of Self-Care Behaviors in Older Adults at the Elderly Club of Ratchaphiphat Hospital, on the Foundations of Personal and Social Support Factors

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Athaphon Kerdaunsuksri
Puritat Sangtongpanichakull


Objective: This research determined the foundations of personal and social support factors associated with self - care behaviors of older adults in the elderly club at Ratchaphiphat Hospital, Medical Service Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Bangkok, Thailand.

Methods: A Cross - sectional study design was conducted in 247 elderly person from March 1, 2017 to July 28, 2017. Data were collected by interview. The instrument was the questionnaire was developed by the researcher that qualified by the expertise improving content validity and reliability was test by using Cronbachs’alpha coefficients was more confidence 0.70 consists of 3 parts (general characteristics, social support factors and self-care behavior of people). Descriptive statistics were applied to describe general characteristics and point biserial correlation coefficient.

Results: Research result was summarized among 247 persons who were in the elderly club, Ratchaphiphat Hospital as follows: General characteristics: Three - fourths of the participants were female 175 women (70.9%), aged between 70-75 years were 65 persons (26.6%), 165 persons (66.8%) had underlying diseases, marital status was 132 persons (53.2%), the elementary graduated were the common education level [89 persons (36.6%)], there were 150 persons (62%) had no occupation, most of them earn 1,001-5,000 baht per month were 65 persons (41.4%) Social support factors: The social support factors of the participants was related to the elderly self-care behaviors that was statistically significant of <0.01. Self-care behaviors: The self-care behaviors were high level at X = 4.08 SD±0.601

Conclusion: The Factors were statistically significant difference in personal factors, social support factors, and self-care behaviors of the participants including disease factor which correlated to positive self-care behaviors at a moderate level.


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