Happiness and Associated Factors of First to Sixth - Year Medical Students at Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital

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Varuna Kolkijkovin
Nutthorn Pattrayuttawat
Thanawin Nukongmai
Nattapol Passara
Apichart Phonglauhaphan
Kongphob Angsupasakorn
Sataphat Boonchaivatanachot


Objective: To study level of happiness and associated factors of first to sixth – year medical students at Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital.

Methods: A cross – sectional descriptive study was conducted on first to sixth – year medical students in academic year 2018. General demographic data questionnaire and Thai Happiness Indicator (THI - 15) were used. Data analysis used descriptive statistics, simple logistic regression and multiple logistic regression for inferential statistics.

Results: 429 medical students (87.9%), participating in the study, were happier than or as happy as or less happy than general population which was equal to 32.9, 43.6 and 23.5 percent respectively. Statistically significant factors were adequate sleep (p=0.001), good senior-junior students relationship (p=0.018), being loved (p=0.002), good adaptability (p<0.001), participate in at least 70% of the faculty or university activities (p=0.002), participate in at least 70% of family activities (p=0.031) and moderate to high level of self-esteem (p=0.004).

Conclusion: Almost a quarter of all medical students at Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital were less happy than general population. There are numbers of factors relating to happiness. Promoting medical students’ self-esteem, adaptability skill, good interpersonal relationship, participation in various activities and adequate sleep will not only increase their overall happiness but also improve academic outcome. Moreover, it can also prevent mental problems.


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