The Competency Development of Community Leaders in Mental Health Promotion of the Elderly People at Bangsue District, Bangkok

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Sombat Riyaphun
Niyada Bhooanasasn
Yada Prakongyos


Objective : To develop the competency of the community leaders in mental health promotion of the elderly people in Bangsue District, Bangkok

Methods : This participative action research was done with 50 community leaders in Bangsue District, Bangkok. Data were collected between March and April, 2016. Questionnaire on Competency in Mental Health Promotion of the Elderly People and Questions for Group Discussion were used as the research tools. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentage, means, standard deviation and content analysis were utilized for data analysis.

Results : According to group discussion and activity planning , the community leaders all agreed that various activities for competency development of the community leaders in mental health development of the elderly people should be implemented. They were knowledge in mental health, mental health and psychiatric problems, interventions, counselling, tress and stress management, group discussion for learning and experience exchange, caring and home visit. After participation in the project, they gained higher mean scores of competency in mental health at the more level. (x = 2.47, SD. = 0.8)

Conclusion : It was concluded that this project can be better enhance competency of community leaders in mental health development of the elderly people.


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