Core competencies of nurse anesthetist for pain management in pain clinic in Ramathibodi Hospital

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Supalak Sakdanuwatwong


Background: Nurse anesthetists in pain clinic
of Ramathibodi Hospital are responsible for patient
pain management. There are 24 core competencies
for pain management of nurse anesthetist. Core
competencies were categorized into 5 domains
including preliminary evaluate and record data on
pain (3 competencies), multidimensional nature of
pain (5 competencies), pain assessment and
measurement (4 competencies), management of
pain (7 competencies) and context of pain
management (5 competencies). These core
competencies can be applied to train and develop
current nurse anesthetists and also applied to recruit
and select new nurse anesthetists for pain clinic.
Resultant behavior of nurse anesthetists will be
aligned with appropriate expected behavior of pain
management in pain clinic. During the treatment, pain
patients will receive better handling and experience
fewer complications.

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