Pain and Factors Affecting Pain in End-Stage Cancer Patients

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Watchari Toni


Background: Pain is a common symptom in patient who had suffered from cancer, particularly during the end-stage of medical treatment. There are several factors which related to pain presentation. Management of these factors would enhance the quality of pain control.
Objectives: The objective of study was to demonstrate the severity of pain and factors affecting pain during end-stage of cancer patients.
Methods: Subjects were seventy three cancer patients admitted between May 2013 and April 2014. Three sets of questionnaires were conducted to collect the data as follows 1) personal data 2) pain and neuropathic pain. 3) hospital anxiety and depression scale in Thailand. The data from 72 cases was analyzed by using SPSS program. The correlation analysis of factors was analyzed by Chi-squared test. The level of statistical significance was at 0.05.
Results: Pain was found in 80.6% of cancer patients which 19.4%, 43.1% and 18.1% were mild, moderate and severe pain consecutively. Neuropathic pain was occurred simultaneously in 50% of cases. Depression was the most important factor that has an effect on pain.
Conclusions: The majority of end-stage cancer patients had moderate pain. The most important factor affecting pain is depression.

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