Postoperative Nausea-Vomiting in Adult Patients Undergoing Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in Srinagarind Hospital: Incidence and Risk Factors

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Kriangsak Ngamsangsirisupv


Background: Postoperative nausea-vomiting (PONV) leads to patient discomfort and may cause serious postoperative complications.
Objectives: To identify the incidence and risk factors of PONV in patients undergoing thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.
Methods: This was a retrospective descriptive and analytical study. The inclusion criteria were patients who were 18 years old and above undergoing elective thoracic and cardiovascular surgery during January 2012 and December 2013. Perioperative demographic and clinical data were retrieved from anesthetic and incident records. The data were analyzed and presented as number (%) and mean ± SD. Risk factors were analyzed with univariate logistic regression and were presented as crude odds ratios.
Results: This study included 328 patients. The incidence of PONV was 10.4%. The identified risk factors were female gender (crude odds ratio = 2.62, p = 0.011) and age less than 50 years (crude odds ratio = 5.45, p <0.001).
The protective factor was higher dose (≥8 mg) of dexamethasone (crude odds ratio = 0.16, p <0.001).
Conclusions: The incidence of PONV in patients undergoing cardiovascular thoracic surgery was 10.4%. The risk factors were female gender and age less than 50 years. The protective factor was higher dose of ≥8 mg dexamethasone.

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