Risk Factors of Hypotension during Sternal Closure in Adult Cardiac Surgery

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Thanyalak Thamjamrassri


Background: Hemodynamics and cardiac function are
major concerns during cardiac surgery. Many factors
including sternal closure can cause hypotension.
Objective: To find incidence and risk factors of hypotension
during sternal closure in cardiac surgery
Methods: A prospective cohort study was done at
Ramathibodi hospital. During March to December 2014,
adult patients underwent cardiac surgery were enrolled
into our study. Blood pressure before sternal retractor
removal, after sternal retractor removal, during sternal
wiring and after sternal closure were recorded. Decreasing
of systolic blood pressure more than 10%, bolus dose of
vasopressor needed or increasing inotropic infusion rate
was defined as hypotension.
Results: Eighty five of 120 patients were defined as
hypotension and mostly occurred in stage of sternal
wiring. None of the risk factors was statistical significant
parameter related to the hypotension either from crude or
logistic regression analysis.
Conclusion: Hypotension is a common complication
during sternal closure but we could not find its related
risk factors.

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