Effectiveness of Lip and Dental Crowns for Prevention of Intubation Injury

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Wipharat Juthasantikul


Complications from intubation in patients undergoing
surgery with anesthesia are lip and dental injuries that can
have an effect on chew and beauty.
Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of silicone lip
and dental crowns and user satisfaction.
Methods: Descriptive research of 227 patients, who
underwent elective surgery and general anesthesia, ASA
class I-III, aged 18-75 years. Patient-care records and user
satisfaction survey were used to collect data. The content
validity of the survey was approved by 3 experts, which
CVI value of the survey was 0.75. Data were analyzed by
descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage).
Results: A hundred and fifty patients (66.1%) reported
instruments had good to the oral cavity while seventy-seven
patients (33.9%) reported the intruments has poor adhesion.
Two hundred and twenty- two cases (97.8%) has no
complications from intubation. Five cases reported slight
upper lip trauma (2.2%) but no injury to teeth was found.
Overall satisfaction with silicone lip and dental crowns
were high, with an average score of 3.68 (SD 0.77). The
lightweight instruments and easy to use were reached
the highest of satisfaction with a mean score of 4.05 Conclusion: Silicone lip and dental crowns can prevent
trauma from intubation without any allergic reaction in
patients. The instruments has good adhesion to the oral
cavity. The incidence of complications (upper lip trauma)
from intubation was low. No dental injuries were found.

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