Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Enemy

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Sudta Parakkamodom


World big data, innovative and cloud business
circumstances result in a man-made, machine learning
software-Artificial Intelligence (AI), that is self-learning,
determination, repairing and organization. In diagnostic
radiology, AI builds an algorithm based on a varieties
of skin cancer characteristics, and matches them with
patient’s information in diagnosis of specific malignancy.
Furthermore, a high develop of neuron-liked network
pushes AI run into the deep learning. This can be applied
in Precision Medicine-a medical model that proposes the
customization of healthcare-with treatments, products,
medical decisions and practices being tailored to each
individual patient.
SEDASYS® is the first anesthetic machine learning
released by Johnson and Johnson Company. The
computer-assisted sedation system is designed to
administer mild to moderate propofol sedation, initially
for esophagogastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy
procedures under the supervision of anesthesiologists or
nurse anesthetists. Aiming to keep the patient in a period
of sedation, the machine’s computerized voice instructs
the patient to squeeze a controller then propofol dosage
is adjusted. Though initial clinical trials gave some good
satisfaction, the machine was pulled from the market after
poor sales and opposition by some medical professionals.
Curiously, AI is a piece of work man can be proud of or a
great tragedy of all mankind.

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