A Readiness of Anesthesia to Handle Thailand 4.0 Initiatives

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Sudta Parkkamodom


Since the advancement in medicine alleviates and overcomes the life-threatening diseases, human can prolong their life to the ageing society. This is not a sole success, but runs parallel to the progress in innovative technology that brings us to the currently digital society. By means of Thailand 4.0 Initiatives, the economics reform hanging on white and blue collars, machines and natural resources has been changing to innovation-drive bargains. Thailand 4.0 that widely diverges in every fields, seems to get along with modern society via big data and analytics, autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things. The fast and energetic development of these sophisticated devices has been applied to the benefits of all human beings, particularly in medicine. Robot ‘Din Saw’ helps to support and take care the elderly in their daily rounds. In addition, surgical-assisted robotics, electronic medical records, precision medicine or computer-assisted personalized sedation are now functional and practical with effectiveness. This disruptive medicine arouses all health personnel for their readiness of novelty and walk hand in hand with digital society under Thailand 4.0.

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