Experience in Intubation by Adapted Video-assisted Laryngoscope (Laryngoscope with Endoscopic Camera)

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์Ngamjit Pattaravit


During intubation by using a conventional laryngoscope
with a Macintosh blade, the doctor who performs this
procedure has a very high risk of contact any aerosol from
the patient. Regarding COVID-19 virus pandemic, there
are widely recommendations to use video-assisted
laryngoscope instead of the conventional laryngoscope to
avoid aerosol contact. In the context of Thailand, the usage
of video-assisted laryngoscope still limits in a tertiary
healthcare center and medical school. In order to reduce
aerosol contact from the COVID-19 patient who needs
intubation, our team develops the adapted version of a
video-assisted laryngoscope by using a conventional
laryngoscope with a Macintosh blade and endoscopic
camera. With the patients’ permission, the team performed
intubation in 15 patients for maintaining the patients’ airway
during anesthesia. The success rate of intubation in the
first attempt was 87% (13/15). Two patients have successfully
intubated in the second attempt due to the wrong technique
appliance in the first place. Besides reducing the chance
of aerosol contact by the increasing distance between the
patient and operator, the other advantages of the adapted
video-assisted laryngoscope are that it is cheap and easy
to prepare. Based on the survey questions, the operators
suggest practicing for few times before using adapted
video-assisted laryngoscope in COVID-19 patients.

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