Block Chain: A Possibility in Anesthesia

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Sudta Parakkamodom
Papiroon Noitasaeng
Phongthara Vichitvejpaisal


Blockchain is a pier to pier communication under the
same technology. All members have entirely responsibilities
to control, confirm and store the accuracy of documenting
data like a spider web. Once an agreement, otherwise
known as a consensus, is reached under the strictly
mathematical encryption between these devices to keep
something on a blockchain, it cannot be removed or
altered, without the permission of the community who
made that record. Therefore, the system has integrity,
transparency, availability and update on the data. By
decentralized information, it can cut off intermediaries,
cheating, cyber conspiracy and hacking. Thus, the more
a blockchain spreads out, the more security, reliability will
A blockchain technology practically copes with the
internet of things. It can be applied in many fields such
as banking, monetary, industrial, healthcare, logistic,
educational or pharmaceutical system.
To facilitate patient’s accessibility in healthcare
service and remedy from the ailment, a blockchain links
clinical data to ease doctors in diagnosis and treatment.
These are for good outcomes in patient condition, national
health coverage, researchers and innovative genomic
study such as the precision medicine.
Currently, an anesthesia document is changed from
a paper-pencil to an electronic medical record. This is not
only to allow anesthesia personnel have more time in take
care of and monitoring their patients but also to complete
the high reliability, data transaction. Since the automated matter has many developers and medical informatics is
categorized in many different ways. Data allocation and
its application have difficulties for further reference. As a
result, a contemporary idea of blockchain has role in
Nevertheless, the public ledger, the identified
self-authorization and the latency to confirm data
correctness are crucial aspects affecting time limitation
and high disbursement as compared to other web

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