Preoperative or Pre-procedural Fasting Guidelines in Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery and Procedures by the Royal College of Anesthesiologists of Thailand

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Suwimon Tangwiwat
Mingkwan Wongyingsinn
Cattleya Kasemsiri
Pornarun Charoenraj
Nutchanart Bunchungmongkol
Neranchala Soonthornkes
Krisana Nongnuang
Varinee Lekprasert
Ngamjit Pattaravit
Duenpen Horatanaruang
Viranut Tirasuntornwong
Mitthira Pinsopon
Thidarat Ariyanuchitkul
Somboon Thienthong
Suwannee Suraseranivongse


This practice guidelines have been systematically complied from scientific evidence. Based on recommendations from the 2017 American Society of Anesthesiologists and the previous studies for preoperative fasting and the use of pharmacologic agents, this guidelines applied to the healthy patients undergoing elective surgery and procedures. The authors developed this guidelines to assist the practitioner and patient in making decisions on preoperative fasting to reduce the risk of pulmonary aspiration. This practice guidelines can be implemented as a local institutional policy as appropriate.

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