Six Sigma: in Pursuit of Zero Tolerance in Anesthesia

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Saranya Lertkovit
Aree Sangsai
Orawan Supapueng
Phongthara Vichitvejpaisal


In statistics, the standard deviation or sigma is a measure of dispersion of a set of data that deviates from the mean, where Six Sigma covers 99.99966% of the area under a symmetrical inverted bell-shaped curve or a normal distribution of variables. Amidst the advancement of technology, this should allow 3.4 defects per million opportunities in manufacturing business. The principle behind Six Sigma is define, measure, analysis, improvement and control in every step for accomplishment and sustainability. In healthcare services, Six Sigma plays role to improve the quality standard of medical facilities by lessen complications for the pleasantness of patients; under reasonable expenses and economical use of resources. Academically approved, the clinical practice guidelines in anesthesia are appropriate for its applications of Six Sigma in procedural process. The ultimate goal of this performance is for the benefits of patient safety and life return to normal with happiness.

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