Anesthetic Personnel and Mastery of Vaccines

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Penpuk Deepinta
Papiroon Noitasaeng
Ladda Permpolprasert
Tassanee Jaiyen
Benjamas Preechakoon
Phongthara Vichitvejpaisal


Immunity is not only crucial in the early childhood but also effective stimulation of body defense against diseases through the rest of life. By means of active or passive immunization, vaccines can be legitimately administered to everyone after the biologically scrutinized production. Anesthesia personnel have need of vaccination since they are a high-risk group and easily contaminated germs from patients, medications as well as medical equipment during their daily practices. Thus, anesthetists have to prepare themselves to confront the spreading of the diseases and to cope with adverse events or drug interaction in vaccinated, anesthetized patients. The pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus urges quite a few pharmaceutical companies around the world on vaccine production. However, consumers do much worry about the quality of products, the efficacy and cost effectiveness of immunization as well as severe side effects. As a result, the World Health Organization and many other institutes have to certify on this matter with close standard monitoring and a full declaration of evidence-based information to help vaccinated decision making, self-quarantine and patient care

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