International Training Program for Nurse Anesthetists at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital: Current and Future Directions

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Patchareya Nivatpumin


Since 1957 (2500 Buddhist Era (B.E.)), spanning a duration of 66 years, Department of Anesthesiology at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, has undertaken the instruction of Thai nurses to specialize in anesthesiology. This educational initiative addresses the paucity of anesthesiologists in Thailand, necessitating the pivotal role played by nurse anesthetists in the provision of care for patients undergoing diverse surgical interventions and procedures within the operating theater, especially in provincial and regional hospitals. Thailand demonstrates a shared characteristic with several global regions, encompassing specific countries in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia regions, where nurses are granted the authority to administer anesthesia. This empowerment stems from a shortage of qualified anesthetists in these areas.1 In 1970, the training of nurse anesthetists expanded to encompass nurses nationwide, leading to the establishment of a dedicated school for nurse anesthetist training. This training regimen has undergone continuous refinement, with the program’s duration set at one year. In 1993, the Thai Nurse Anesthetist training program achieved standardization and certification by the Royal College of Anesthesiologists of Thailand. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that certain countries still lack training programs for anesthetic nurses. This article aims to delineate the origin, current practices, and future trajectories of the international training program for nurse anesthetists.

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