Effectiveness and Satisfaction of Using Closed System Nasogastric Tube Drainage Bag

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Bussarin Sriyanaluk
Maliwan Oofuvong


Background: Nasogastric (NG) tube connected to plastic bag in anesthetized patient can cause hygiene problem; for example proximal part of NG tube was soaked in the plastic bag or NG content leaked from the unseal bag, those are the reason why we invented closed system NG tube drainage bag by using recycle of intravenous (IV) bag tightly connected with NG tube to solve those problems. The purposes of study are to evaluate the effectiveness and satisfaction of using closed system NG tube drainage bag. 

Methodology: The steps of investigation were divided into 2 parts. First part was the step of closed system NG tube drainage bag invention. Second part was the evaluation step by using questionnaire responded by anesthesia personnel who have used closed system NG tube drainage bag. The respondents were asked to evaluate all 6 aspects namely; 1) usefulness 2) convenience 3) joint connection 4) cleanness 5) clearness 6) overall satisfaction. The evaluating scales included the followings: 4 = excellent, 3 = good, 2 = fair, 1 = poor. The target of the effectiveness and satisfaction score was at least 90% (3.6). 

Result: The average score for all aspects were more than 90% (3.64-3.90). The highest score was usefulness (3.90). The lowest score was joint connection (3.64).

Conclusion: The effectiveness and satisfaction of using closed system NG tube drainage bags were high (> 90%).

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