Satisfaction in thoracic surgery patients regarding preparation for general anesthesia

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Wannipa Nusupa


Background: The purpose of this research was to study the patient’s satisfaction regarding preparation for general anesthesia for thoracic surgery at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. Thirty two adult patients, underwent thoracic surgery, were recruited from May to June 2011.The research instruments was a patient’s satisfaction regarding preparation for general anesthesia questionnaire, written by Pikul Nuntachaipun (2011). Methods: The content validity of the questionnaire was assessed by the experts. The reliability was obtained by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient and it was 0.86. Data were analyzed by using the descriptive statistics, frequency, percent and level of satisfaction.  Results: The results of this study that patient were highly satisfied with the nursing care that they received (81.3%) and mean score 163.72. Three part of satisfaction that the majority of the patient reported a low level of unsatisfaction (68.7%), high level of satisfaction with interpersonal support (93.7%) and high level of good impression (96.9%). Conclusion: Level of patient’s satisfaction with nursing care represents the degree of congruence between the expected quality of nursing care and the actual received care. Patient’s satisfaction has become an important goal of any heath care organization and outcome measure of service care. The results of this study can be used as indicators to improve the quality of nursing assurance in order to enhance the patient’s satisfaction to be a “highly satisfied” in all aspects.

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