The effectiveness of intravenous fluid warmer (Animecfluid warmer Model AM-2S)

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Pramote Euasobhon
Kittiphong Sujirattanawimol
Nantthasorn Zinboonyahgoon
Sukunya Jirachaipithak
Suchart Pornboonseram
Chaowanan Khamtuicrua


Background:Hypothermia is a common problem for anesthetized patients, causing numerous disadvantages. There are many strategies to prevent hypothermia including warming intravenous fluid before administering it to the patients. Although using AnimecÒfluid warmer, by simply inserting the intravenous fluid tube into the device, is very convenient, there are many factors, such as the location of the equipment and the fluid flow rate, contributing to the outcome temperature of fluid. Objectives: To evaluate the effects of distances between the device and patient, and the fluid flow rates on the effectiveness of this fluid warming system by measuring fluid temperature at the end of the intravenous fluid line. Materials and methods: We made an experiment by using the intravenous fluid line, connected with a 36-inch extension tube. The system was filled with 0.9% sodium chloride. After attaching the line to the warmer (AnimecÒfluid warmer Model AM-2S) at different distances; 15, 90 and 180 cm, the fluid temperature at the end of the system was measured. In addition, we evaluated the temperature at five selected flow rates; 40, 100, 500, 800 and 1200 ml/hr. Results: There were markedly different relationships between the locations of warmer, the flow rates and the rising of temperature. The maximal increasing temperature was found at 15 cm, a rise of 4.76 °C. In contrast, the minimal increasing temperature was presented at the farthest distance (180 cm), with rising of 0.36 °C on average. Furthermore, at flow rate 800 ml/hr, the average fluid temperature increased by 2.77 °C above baseline, by far the maximal increasing temperature of all flow rate levels, whereas there was a minimal rise of temperature at rate of 40 ml/hr, accounting for 0.32 °C. Conclusion: The most effective strategies for using AnimecÒfluid warmer were by placing the line at the nearest distance to patients and adjusting flow at the medium level.

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