Severe bradycardia during laryngoscopy in zygomatic fracture patient

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Suthasinee Samankatiwat


Background: Transient increase in heart rate and mean arterial pressure commonly occur during manipulation of the airway via direct laryngoscopy. This phenomenon is understood to be due to a sympathetic nervous system reflex causing an increase in plasma catecholamines. Rarely, severe bradycardia and possible asystole can occur following laryngoscopy.Objectives:  To report a rare case of severe bradycardia during laryngoscopy in zygomatic fracture patientand review literature.Method: Report a case of bradycardia occurring when apply laryngoscope in a 39 year old woman who was diagnosed with left zygomatic fracture. When remove laryngoscope and atropine was given heart rate return to normal. Conclusions: Identifying patients who may have risk of bradycardia, prepare drug and equipment may prevent adversity.

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