The observation of tracheal intubation skills in 5th year medical students: Bridging the gap between the novice and the expert

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Parichadl Apidechakul
Patipan Toomtong
Tachawan Jirativanont


Background: Tracheal intubation is an essential skill for medical professions. The ability to observe the trainees’ skill would be beneficial for the performance improvement. Objective: To compare intubation skill performed by novices and experts.

Methods: The categories in intubation checklist and global rating scale of intubation skill were rated between novices, which are medical students, and experts, which are anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists.

Results: There were 21 medical students and 18 experts in this study. The ability to sweep the tongue to the left by laryngoscope, lift the laryngoscope without applying upper incisors
as a fulcrum, adjust tip of laryngoscope blade, gently insert an endotracheal tube and strap the endotracheal tube were the performance difference between two groups (P < 0.05). The global rating scales was higher significantly in expert group compare to novice group (2.9+0.6 and 1.5+0.6, respectively; P < 0.05).

Conclusion: There were different in detail of endotracheal intubation skill between novices and experts. The instructors’ attention should be drawn to the gap performance in order to improve
the skill performance of the novice.

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