Incidences and risk factors of chronic pain after cesarean section

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Surada Srisuriyarungrueng
Thaniya Stimanont


Background: Cesarean section is an important operation and tends to be increasing incidence
nowadays. Chronic pain from cesarean section may be a serious problem due to impacts to daily activities, caring and bonding with newborn baby but we know only a little about both incidences and risk factors about chronic pain from cesarean section.

Objectives: the objectives of this study are to evaluate the incidences and risk factors of chronic pain from caesarean section.

Methods: This study was a retrospective observational study which collected both demographic data and risk factors of chronic pain in patients over 18 years old undergoing
cesarean section in Chonprathan Hospital. The data were collected from patient’s records and telephone interview.

Results: The 165 patients were enrolled in this study. There were 45 patients (27.3%) that had got chronic pain from the operation. 62.2% usually had got mild pain every 2-3weeks. 91.9% had symptoms while carrying heavy objects or baby. And risk factors for chronic pain was patient having got pain elsewhere.

Conclusions: The incidences of chronic pain from cesarean section are not different
between general anesthesia and spinal anesthesia without intrathecal morphine.

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