Significant Roles of Nurse Case Manager to Improve Quality of Care for Chronically Ill Patients: Diabetes and Hypertensive Patients


  • อรุณี ไชยฤทธิ์ instructor, Bormarajonani College of Nursing
  • วิมล จังสมบัติศิริ Doctor, Senior Professional level, Chonburi hospital


case management, nurse case manager, nurse case manager role


The number of diabetes and hypertensive patients are increasing. This problem affects the health status of Thai people and increases the health care cost in Thailand. The Thai government and patients themselves spend a lot of money to care for these patients. Also, healthcare policymakers develop the health care system and health care service to provide quality care for patients. The purpose of care is to enhance the quality of life of the patient so that they can live well with diabetes and hypertension. Case management is a suitable method to improve the health status of chronically ill patients with diabetes and hypertension who experience complex problems, and spend a lot of money paying for the high health care cost. . The nurse case manager is a key person to enhance the quality of life of the patient because these nurse case managers have the knowledge and the skills to care for the chronically ill patients with diabetes and hypertension. The significant roles of the nurse case manager includes manager, communicator, collaborator, navigator, advocator, and professional health care worker. Therefore, nurse case managers should enhance their knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care for diabetes and hypertensive patients, leading these patients to have quality of life. 


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