Factors Related to Readiness for Hospital Discharge Among Hospitalized Elderly Patients in Tertiary Hospitals


  • Jittawadee Rhiantong Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
  • Sirirat Panuthai Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University


Readiness for hospital discharge, Quality of discharge teaching, hospitalized elderly patients in tertiary hospital


Elderly patients who are hospitalized need to have readiness for hospital discharge to allow patients to have safe rehabilitation at home and to reduce problems and complications that may occur. This correlational study aimed to examine factors related to readiness for hospital discharge among hospitalized elderly patients in tertiary hospitals. The participants were one hundred and thirteen patients who were admitted at medical and surgical units in two tertiary hospitals in Chiang Mai Province, and they were purposively selected. Three questionnaires were used for data collection: a Personal Information Form, the Quality of Discharge Teaching Scale, and the Readiness for Hospital Discharge Scale. Descriptive statistics were used and to determine demographic data. The correlation between variables were tested with the Pearson Product Moment test.

            The results revealed that most participants perceived a high level of readiness for hospital discharge (x̄ = 172.62, S.D. = 25.08) and a high quality of discharge teaching (amount of content received and nurses’ skill in teaching delivery) (x̄ = 142.88, S.D. = 35.46). There was a significantly positive relationship between readiness for hospital discharge and quality of discharge teaching (r = .577, p < .01) in hospitalized elderly patients.

Findings from this study may enable nurses to develop a model of discharge planning by considering discharge teaching (amount of content received and nurses’ skill in teaching delivery) to prepare elderly patients to be able to care for themselves at home.


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