Health Literacy and Self-Management Among Older Monks with Multimorbidity


  • Teeramate Jirawutthipan Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
  • Sirirat Panuthai Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
  • Decha Tamdee Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University


Health Literacy, Self-Management, Older Monks, Multimorbidity


Health literacy is a factor that helps people with multiple chronic diseases to manage themselves more effectively. This correlational descriptive research aimed to investigate health literacy, self-management, and the association between health literacy and self-management among older monks with multimorbidity. The study participants were older monks with multimorbidity attending the outpatient department of priest hospitals in Bangkok province. The 88 participants were selected using purposive sampling. The research instruments used in this study consisted of a demographic and illness data recording form, and interview questionnaires for health literacy and self-management of older monks with multimorbidity. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson’s product-moment correlation.

The results showed that older monks with multimorbidity had a high level of health literacy and self-management. Health literacy was statistically correlated with
self-management at a high level (r = .76, p < .01).

The results of this study can be used as database information for health care professionals who look after older monks with multimorbidity to support their
self-management through enhancing health literacy.


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