The Comparison of Lactation Induction Efficacy Between Manual Breast Pumps and Electric Breast Pumps in Isolated Postpartum Mothers After Labor the Tertiary Care Uttaradit Hospital


  • Nantana Watcharaphao Postpartum Obstetrics, Uttaradit Hospital
  • Phanitnad Chokdee
  • Sopida Chukwan
  • Wanputsa Kukjit



breast milk expression, mother and infant sepation, sick Newborn, Breast pump device



Background: In sick newborns, breast milk is as necessary as disease treatment. Breast milk is a main food, vaccination, antibodies, and medicine for newborn. When the postpartum mothers and their families have to encounter with the illness of newborn and separation. Nurse and health worker who care for postpartum mothers closely, support the postpartum mothers for breastfeeding initiation expression for stimulation milk flow is necessary.
Objective: The study aimed the compare of lactation between manual breast expression and electric breast pumps in isolated postpartum mothers after labor.
Study design: Efficacy research, Intervention interrupted time series. Fifty mothers were randomized to
manual expression groups and breast pumps groups (25 per group), during November 2021–January 2022.
Methods: While in hospital, post partum mother care in two groups, and health education, information and benefit of stimulation milk flow after childbirth, teaching and demonstrate manual expression in two groups. At day 2 and 3 teaching and demonstrate in electrics breast pump group. completed a questionnaire and record from milk volume. Fisher’s exact probability test and mean difference
regression used for data analysis.
Results: The median (interquartile range, IQR) average milk volume on day 1 was 3 (2-5) and 1 (0-2)ml in manual expression groups and breast pump groups (p=0.001), respectively ,day 2 was 25 (13-33) and 4 (2-10.5)ml in manual expression groups and breast pump groups (p<0.001) day3 was 78 (50.2-154) and 14(5-25) ml in manual expression groups and breast pump groups (p<0.001)
Conclusion: During 3 day period of postpartum mothers, manual expression can increase milk volume better than breast pump. The nurse should provide efficiency ‘s role and proficient support the postpartum mothers for start breast milk stimulations. After that, can use a breast pump. These practices will enhance the sick newborns’ health to be safety.


Keywords: Breast feeding, breast milk stimulations, manual expression, electric breast pumps


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