General Consideration for Non-operating Room Anesthesia


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Non-operating room anesthesia, Preoperative assessment, Comorbidity, complications


Non-operating room anaesthesia (NORA) is an anaesthetic procedure, taken place in remote locations in the hospital, outside traditional operating room. In past several years, the growing field of NORA was suited for several procedures and places, for example, interventional and nuclear radiology, cardiac catheterization, Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Interventional neuroradiology procedure and dental clinic. The challenges of NORA are unfamiliarity to environments and settings, post-anaesthetic complications management difficulty, dealing with patient comorbidity, as well as other setting and staff limitations, which directly affected to patient risk and outcome. According to limitations, the NORA principle is needed to enhance patient safety in several aspects, for example, preoperative evaluation, machine and equipment preparation, patient monitoring, post-operative and discharge planning, as well as emergency complications management.1-3

Keywords: Non-operating room anesthesia, Preoperative assessment, Comorbidity, complications


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