Factors predicting on health-promoting behaviors among elders with hypertension disease


  • Kornwika Phromjuang Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Buddhachinaraj, Adult & Gerontological Nursing Department, Phitsanulok Province
  • Kiattisak Saeio Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs, Phitsanulok Province
  • Sitanan Chanto Watbot Hospital, Phitsanulok Province


health-promotion behaviors, social support, interpersonal influence, hypertension


This predictive correlation study aimed to explore health-promoting behaviors among elders with hypertension disease and discover factors influencing on health-promoting behaviors s among elders with hypertension disease. Subjects were elders with hypertension disease who visited at a community health center, belonging of Watbot hospital, Amper Watbot, Phitsanulok Province (n=340). Simple random sampling was done by sampling without replacement. Data were collected through interviewing by researchers and questionnaires. There were consisted of 7 questionnaires such as demographic data, social support, interpersonal influence, self-ability’s perception, health believes, knowledge on hypertension disease, and health-promoting behavior questionnaires. Descriptive statistics were applied on demographic data. Hierarchical stepwise multiple regression analysis was done. 

Findings revealed that most elders had mean baseline BP was 145.95/85.67 mmHg. Overall, elders’ health-promoting behaviors placed at the high level ( = 3.19, S.D. = .74). There were two factors could explain the variance of health-promoting behaviors among elders with hypertension disease accounted for 68.50% with statistical significance (R2 = 0.685, p < .01). Two factors that predicted on health-promoting behaviors such as interpersonal influence (β = .713, p < .01) and social support (β = .140, p < .01), respectively.

This study was suggested that nurses or significant caregivers should encourage elders to have health-promoting behaviors by giving them love and caring. When elders get compliment or have a great role model for health promotion, they could be able to get better on controlling their blood pressure.


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