The restoration of a tooth with fractured cusps and short clinical crown: A case report

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Munlika Anuntasainont
Watcharaporn Kuphasuk


A 41-year-old Thai female was presented at the Department of Operative Dentistry, Mahidol University with buccal cusp fracture and severely damaged tooth structure on a right second molar which was a result of previous large restoration and the patient’s parafunctional habit. In this case, crown restoration was indicated. In short clinical crown condition which surgical crown lengthening or orthodontic force eruption are contraindicated, more retention and resistance were increased by nearly parallel walls with additional slot preparation and careful placing of subgingival margin to gain crown height. Full metal crown was selected as it required less occlusal reduction and the resin cement with proper surface treatment was utilized to maximize the retention. After 3-month follow-up, the restoration was in good condition and the patient was satisfied with the result.


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Anuntasainont M, Kuphasuk W. The restoration of a tooth with fractured cusps and short clinical crown: A case report. M Dent J [Internet]. 2020 Apr. 28 [cited 2023 Dec. 2];40(1):15-22. Available from:
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