Plasma fibrinogen and C-reactive protein decreased after nonsurgical periodontal therapy in non-coronary heart disease subjects with periodontitis

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Apimart Bamrungphuet
Supanee Rassameemasmaung
Pariwat Pengkaew
Chayasin Mansanguan


Objective: To evaluate the effect of nonsurgical periodontal therapy (NSPT) on the level of fibrinogen, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), and C-reactive protein (CRP).

Materials and Methods: This study comprised 12 subjects with coronary heart disease (CHD) and 15 subjects without CHD (non-CHD). Each group had 2 subgroups with or without periodontitis. Periodontal parameters and cardiovascular biomarkers were measured at baseline. All subjects received NSPT. All parameters were re-evaluated at 3- and 6-months post-treatment.

Results: At baseline, there were no significant differences in the patients’ characteristics. The periodontal inflammation and periodontal disease status results revealed that the non-CHD with periodontitis group had a significantly higher percentage of bleeding on probing + pocket depth > 4 mm + clinical attachment level t 5 mm compared with the CHD with periodontitis group. After NSPT, there was a significant periodontal improvement in all groups. The non-CHD with periodontitis group demonstrated a significant reduction in fibrinogen and CRP level at 6 months after NSPT compared with baseline.

Conclusion: NSPT significantly reduced fibrinogen and CRP in non-CHD subjects with periodontitis.

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Bamrungphuet A, Rassameemasmaung S, Pengkaew P, Mansanguan C. Plasma fibrinogen and C-reactive protein decreased after nonsurgical periodontal therapy in non-coronary heart disease subjects with periodontitis. M Dent J [Internet]. 2022 Mar. 23 [cited 2024 Jun. 17];42(1):1-12. Available from:
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