The Effect of the Tutorial Program on Midwifery Subject Passing for Nursing Licensing Exam Among Undergraduate Nursing Students, Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkla University

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Janpaphat Kruekaew
Sureeporn Kritcharoen
Chatuporn Changplary


This research was an experimental study between a pre and post experimental groups aims to examine the effects of the tutorial program on Midwifery subject for Professional Midwifery Licensing of the undergraduate nursing students at the Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkla University. The sampling subjects included 141 nursing graduates who completed the degree in the academic year 2017. The instruments comprised 1) a tutorial program for Professional Midwifery Licensing which was revised by 3 experts in the field, and three sets of tutorial documents with content validity for scale = 1; 2) data collection instruments, including personal data questionnaires, and pretest and posttest of midwifery tutorial sessions (reliability score = .80 from 20 subjects). The personal data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics. Pretest and posttest scores were compared and analyzed by using paired t-test. In addition, midwifery comprehensive examination scores in Professional Midwifery Licensing were analyzed by using descriptive staticstics, percentages, and mean scores.

The findings showed that the mean score of post-test was significantly higher than that of the pre-test at .001. All of the subjects (100%) passed the nursing comprehensive examination in midwifery subject.

As a consequence, the results from this research indicated that the tutorial program on Midwifery subject for Professional Midwifery Licensing could provide guidance for nursing instructors and nursing institutes in providing tutorial sessions in midwifery and other courses necessary for Professional Midwifery Licensing.


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